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Latest fashion trends for men

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Fashion is all about wearing clothes in which you look good and feel comfortable in. Many people now like and try to follow the latest trend, and keep their wardrobe collection up to date. Fashion for men is equally important as the fashion and new trends for women and that’s why we are going to present the latest fashion trends for men, 2019. So you can go through the new trendy clothing to upgrade your wardrobe collection. Trendy fashions are always fun to try. You break out from your usual dressing style and try something new. It helps you to know if something new would suit you or not so you can add it up to your closet. So let’s have a look on new men’s fashion trends.


Eighties’ fashion is back again through oversized tailoring which got huge acceptance and appreciation that can be worn anytime in the year. You can try it if you like old school stuffs.

Light wash denim:

Light wash denim is one of the favorites among men that can be worn with light or dark tees along with jacket or hoodie in the winter. You just need to contrast so that it doesn’t get boring as without contrast it wouldn’t look so eye-catching. 

All white:

All white is one of the best fashion trends for men in men’s summer fashion 2019 as it keeps you cool in the hot summer. You can go with snickers or sandal too with all white outfits. Short pants or narrow white pant can be worn with white tee.

Brown color palette:

Brown makes good alternative to black as it also makes you feel warmth in the winter. There are plenty of brown shades you can go with and it looks great with the light colors. There are many options for you to try as the brown suits, brown topcoats, brown sport coats, brown dress boots and brown chinos etc.

Pastel pink:

You don’t always have to stick with one color; neither should you avoid any particular color. You can try everything to explore which is suiting you best and which is not suiting you at all. So here you can try the pastel pink that can be a petal pink sweatshirt or oxford dress shirt.

Camouflage print:

It is known as the camo print in fashion and the craze for camo print started from 1980s. There are camo printed jackets you can wear with simple tee and narrow pant. This print has always been popular and favorite among both male and female.

Vertical stripes:

Vertical stripes look great and it is very simple. The good thing is that it can make you feel taller and slimmer. It’s also has the impact in women’s fashion trends and simply look good on both men and women.


Layers give you a very smart casual look. Even in the summer you can go with it if chosen wisely. You can wear lightweight jackets or overshirts with plain tees, shirts or polos so that you can remove it when you feel too hot and keep it on your waist just simply tying it there.


Corduroy is very popular among men during the season of winter as it is very well cozy and comfortable. Corduroy can be worn with jeans, chinos or twill pants at winter. You can go for corduroy sport coat if you are a sporty one. Corduroy suit is another option that you can choose.

Statement jumper:

One of this winter’s biggest trends is the statement jumper with a bold slogan or logo with alpine designs. It got well acceptance among the young boys mostly because of the bold slogan in it which is really a grabber.


Shorts are always a good choice for summer if you have a pair of nice shaped leg to carry it. Shorts can be worn with casual tees and shirts simply putting on a sandal or sports shoes. Shorts are comfortable and easy to carry.

Colorful puffer jackets:

Colorful puffer jackets got popularity among both men and women fashion trends. These are very puffy and comfortable also looks very stylish. You can enrich your winter collection with these simple colorful puffer jackets adding to your closet that can be worn anywhere outside in the cold days.

Camp collar shirts:

Camp collar shirts are men’s all time favorite which looks super stylish on them. These are basically characterized by floppy collar, short sleeves, straight cut fit. It can find in linen and cotton fabrics in the summer. You can find it in different types of prints too.


Shearling is popular in Hollywood and you would find many celebrities wearing shearling in so many films. It can be worn in the autumn and winter as colder days are the best time to wear it. Try it out to see how it looks on you rather than only seeing the celebrities to wear it and add it to your collection if it satisfies you enough.

Earth tones:

Earthy color is the new big trend in men’s fashion trend which comes in comfortable slim fit suit that can be worn with khaki pant or any pant than can be a good contrast to it.

Fashion hats:

Fashion hats can be worn with any kind of outfit you chose to wear whether it’s casual or formal. It is stylish and makes you look classy. Try to go with hats that are 100% wool or that is a wool blend because polyester or cottons are basically of the cheap kinds which are insubstantial.

Cropped trousers:

Cropped trousers are also called the Capri pants which are not shorts as well as not longer like trousers. It gives you a casual look and you can wear it with athletic shoes or snickers.

Fashion evolves everyday and if you want to keep your closet updated check out the latest fashion trends and try out all of it to know which would really suit you and which can be good replacements to your previous collections.

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