Role of education

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Role of education

Role of education in our society is very vital and significant for the development of the social and economic state. It is a part of the socialization process to make positive differences in our society. The importance of education is growing slowly and people are now more concerned about getting a quality education for their betterment. It is the key to success and that is undeniable. Education can give you a better life in every way and the more you are educated, the more you get respect from people all over the world. So what role is education really playing...

language methodology

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Why language methodology are important

Language teaching methods are necessary to learn and teach any language methodology. These are basic materials and proper techniques that are used by instructors to facilitate foreign-language (FL) learning. Communicating in a foreign language has been significant to a great extent, for example, communicating with foreign trade partners, for promoting religion, for academic purpose and so on. English is the world’s most widely studied foreign language currently. According to Ashe and James (1982), Methods are the combination of techniques that are used and plasticized by the teachers in the classrooms in order to teach their students and approaches are the philosophies...

How learning second language is beneficial

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The importance of learning foreign language

Foreign language has a great impact in our daily life as it helps us to express ourselves. Language is the part of every culture and is of a great importance no wonder. But if you want to travel the world or to go to some other country for any purpose, you need to know second language because your native language is not going to serve the purpose anyway. So multilingualism is of a great importance here yet becoming more and more important in this era. When you know more than one language, it always open many doors for you, you...

How education is important
  • November 15, 2019
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How important is education

Education does not only mean to read and write. It means to make it use properly in every aspect of our life. You don’t have to depend on others for so many thing when you are educated enough to do your thing on your own. There one thing is needed to mention that literacy and education is two completely different things so don’t just mix it up. Literacy is the capability to read and write but education is utilizing that ability to improve your knowledge and skills in different fields in your life. To live a standard life, education has...