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Next js interview questions answer

What is Next.js? Answer: Next.js is an open-source JavaScript framework used for building server-rendered React applications. It provides features like server-side rendering, static site generation, routing, and more, to create efficient and high-performance web applications. What are the benefits of using Next.js? Answer: Next.js offers benefits such as improved performance through server-side rendering and automatic code splitting, better SEO due to server-rendered content, simpler routing, and support for static site generation for faster loading times. How does server-side rendering (SSR) work in Next.js? Answer: Next.js performs server-side rendering by rendering React components on the server before sending them to the...

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What is next js?

Next.js is a popular open-source JavaScript framework that is used for building modern, server-rendered React applications. It is designed to make it easier to create production-ready, high-performance web applications with React. Next.js provides a set of tools and features that streamline the development process and offer benefits such as server-side rendering (SSR), static site generation (SSG), and routing out of the box. Key features of Next.js include: Server-Side Rendering (SSR): Next.js allows you to render React components on the server side before sending them to the client, which can improve performance and SEO by delivering fully rendered pages to search...