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Why homeschooling is better than school

Why homeschooling is better than school?

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Why homeschooling is better than school Homeschooling encourages a kid in extracurricular activities more than a school does. Are we clear with the concept of homeschooling yet? If not, homeschooling is basically the education process which occurs at the home or anywhere else but not in the school. It’s the alternative to any private and public school and it’s legal. In 21st century, homeschooling can be the smartest way to educate your children rather than schools. Children in homeschooling can also access internet and do extracurricular activities. People mostly send their children to school to improve their social skills but they forget about the bad influences out there which can drag them into drugging, fighting, bullying etc. They learn so many improper things and adopt many bad habits from the classmates but in homeschooling there are no risks like that.

So let’s get to know about some of the benefits of homeschooling and how effective it is.

No time limit:

You don’t have to worry about the time in homeschooling. You can start it whenever you want and also you can decide the ending time according to your wish too. This is one of the most significant flexibilities of homeschooling. Though there’s a negative side too which is about learning the punctuality but that can be taught in particular by the parents in a different way. There is no mad morning rush also any worries about the traffic and transportation problem which automatically decreases a lot of tension and time of the parents.

Kids can learn anything they want:

There is also learning flexibility in homeschooling because the kids can learn anything they want. They don’t have to be bounded by the limited text books and all. They can learn about the things which they are interested in including recreational fields such as music, dancing, cooking and traveling etc. There is no boundary in learning in this process which is one of the most significant reasons why homeschooling is more effective than any private and public school. Kids knowing about so many different things make them all rounder and make them smart as well because of having various knowledge .They become more curious and try to dig in more.

Not test based education:

There is no standardized test based education in homeschooling. We know how the test based education actually affects the student life as everyone gets so busy in making good grades which has a very negative impact on the student because when they can’t make it in the way their parents expected, they often face criticism from them or get punished in so many ways, mostly mentally.

They are free from negative influences:

In a school there are varieties of students come from different family backgrounds. A lot of students are now getting drugged by their very own friends and classmates in a very early age. They are becoming junkies no wonder which is ruining their life. In homeschooling they are totally same from these bad influences.

They are free from bullying:

There are almost 40% students in the school who face bullying everyday and it has very dreadful mental effect which can lead someone to suicide and which actually happens also. So many students attempt suicide because of bullying and torturing in the school. Kids stay away from all of these bad influences and things while they’re under homeschooling. It is a crucial point as almost every parent is worried about their children when they send their kids in school. They mostly worry about these facts and homeschooling can free them from these tensions. 

Why homeschooling is better than school

They are free from questionable teaching:

Parents don’t have to worry about the education their children getting because there are no teacher who’s bragging about any particular political issue or something rather than teaching something useful. So they can relax.

No need of homework:

Your kids are spending 6 hours in learning and doing so many practical stuffs under homeschooling that there’s no need of any homework here. They do have enough activities there to have any extra homework particularly.

They are in their comfort zone:

Being in the comfort zone is not good all the time but that is after getting adult. At younger age they need to be in their comfort zone and under the monitoring of their own parents because it’s essentially good for their mental health.

No weather issues:

Your kids don’t have to skip classes because of heavy rain and any natural disaster because they are at the home. So there are no excuses. Also there is no chance to get sick because of cold and fever which is another advantage as well.

No bunking classes:

Your kids can’t bunk classes lying to you while they are under homeschooling. So you don’t have to worry about it.

No hassle in taking leave:

There is no hassle of taking permission to get a leave by formal applications and all in homeschooling. You can take leave whenever you wish for the vacation.

Why homeschooling is better than school

One on one learning benefit:

There is the benefit of one on one learning in homeschooling which is not possible in a school. And it’s very important for your children to have one-on-one learning.

They get more free time for themselves:

Your kids get more free time for themselves under homeschooling and more free time let them discover about themselves more which is very important. Self-discovery means understating their own interests and choices and to know more about what they really like to do when they are not occupied in any work.

Kids can learn whatever they want being in their comfort zone under the monitoring of their parents which encourage them more in learning things. A report by Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) shows that home school test scores are higher. Also it shows that they don’t only get higher scores but better education in all other fields including practical and extracurricular activities. Homeschooling doesn’t only help the students but also the parents with their mental health as they can always be with their kids. Also because of all the flexibilities, children and parents both enjoy homeschooling in such extent that the school going people can’t get and the reason why homeschoolers are more confident than them in so many ways. They can ask anything without any kind of hesitation at anytime thus they can learn so many different things which are beyond the text books they learn.

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