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Men does not have much option choosing swimwear as women do but there are few types of swimwear for men among which anyone can choose according to their need. We got a list for you to reduce the confusion and grab some good piece of swimwear for yourself. Le’s checkout on those collections:

Swim Jammers:

We have seen many competitive swimmers wearing swim jammers that covers the whole thighs and it fits to the thighs. It looks like cycling shorts and you won’t see someone wearing it on the beaches but if you are one the competitive swimmers then you can definitely go for it without doubt.

The monokini:

The monokini is basically a one-piece swimsuit that connects two pieces of clothes which is more like a traditional one-piece that has huge sides of cut-outs. Mostly women wear monkini but men can wear it too as in last year, in a runway at Milan fashion week men wore monokini but we are not suggesting it for the men to wear, you can check it if it goes with your fashion statement or not.

Swim Trunks:

These are of the most common and the traditional type among the swimwear for men. People from any age can wear it as it is the most common one which comes in a mesh lining and elastic waist. These are generally made of polyester, blend or nylon that comes in very basic and plain colors, in many prints too. Mostly the young people prefer swim trunks as these are very comfortable to wear.

Board shorts:

Board shorts are basically for pool or beach side, skateboarding or boating in a sunny day. The purpose to made board shorts were surfing but many men use it in swimming. Like other swim trunks it doesn’t have elastic waist but waistband with lace-up front. Many men prefer this swimwear. These are looser and longer it comes in many stylish prints and the design lately became very popular among the men.

Swim Briefs:

This type of swimwear of men was introduced in Melbourne, Australia, at Olympics in 1956 by Speedo. It gives tight silhouette and if you are confident about your body enough to show it, you can go with the swim briefs. These have many varieties from which you can choose the suitable one for you.


It’s a norm to wear the Speedos on the European beach sides. It covers the full bottom it has fitted elastic. It’s a bit revealing swimsuit for the men. Speedo is the center of attraction in North America. So far it has rules the runways of 2019.

Square leg swimsuits:

Square led swimsuits are very similar to the boxer brief swimwear. Men who like the fitting swimwear to wear but don’t prefer speedos then they can go with square leg swimsuits. Try it out to check if it’s comfortable enough to go with or not.

Wetsuits and drysuits

Wetsuits and drysuits were usually designed for snorkeling, board sports or scuba diving and all which are basically very close fitting. Many swimmers prefer to wear this type of swimsuits while participates any swim race and rough swimming.

Rash guards

Rash guards are also used by mostly the sports persons who do surfing, kayaking, also paddleboarding. These are made with UPF rating which is UV reflective fabric which is very favorable in the pool. It is athletic suit that is made of nylon, polyester and spandex.

The Hybrid:

Hiking shorts are loose which are not comfortable in the water at all. On the other hand, the Speedos don’t serve the purpose on hiking trails. Here is where you can count on the hybrid type of swimsuit of men that are designed shortly and rugged enough to wear the whole day. The appearance is like usual shorts but these are made of quick drying materials and very light in the weight.

Modern swimsuits with contemporary designs can be stylish and also serve the purpose. And the men want both of it nowadays so they have choices to put up with which is the good fact. All the swimsuits are categorized by the shape and design. Swimwear trend should not be taken much seriously as they are just fashion forward so there are chances that it won’t serve your purpose if you try to follow the trend. You should choose something that would fit you, in which you would feel comfortable and which would look good on you. So basically you need to choose it according to your comfort level and your body type. If you don’t have a good shaped body than you would look sloppy in the overly baggy shorts which you make you feel embarrassed. However, you need to be concerned about your comfort more than anything choosing undergarments. These collections are to help you reduce your confusion and choose the perfect swimsuit for you. Check it out to know which one fits you the best.

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