food processing and preservation

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Food processing and preservation

We are familiar of food processing and preservation as we eat processed food also preserves it for the future use. Food processing is basically transforming the agricultural products into food, as well as changing the form of a food to the other, making it attractive marketable products with good packaging, cleaning, grading and sorting. And food preservation is applying techniques to preserve food for future including freezing, canning, pickling, drying, irradiation, smoking, pasteurization and adding chemicals etc. We can’t preserve food for a long time without food preservation techniques which can cause food shortage in future. So preserving food is...

Why processed food are unhealthy
  • November 26, 2019
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Why processed food is unhealthy

We eat processed food is every day and yes we all know it’s hard to say no to processed food. So why processed food? Highly processed foods are those which are made by industrialized materials. Any type of packaged cookies, sodas, noodles, sausages and nuggets are processed food and we have it in our regular life. Researchers have made it clear that processed food make you gain more calories which are not good for your body. They also found that the people who are dependent to processed food have more risk to get affected by heart diseases. But they also...