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How to create a blog

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If we talk about 21st century, we are aware of every possible sources which makes life easier and hassle free. Blogging is one of those particular sources of our modern life which is helping people in many ways regarding business and other interests. Nowadays it’s not a rocket science to create new blog if you have adequate resources with you.

The beginners often do some major mistakes while starting to create new blog. In this article we will get to know about all these major and minor faults and the appropriate way to start a blog for the very first time.

What exactly a blog is?

Before starting the further consultation we must introduce it as we need to know the concept first. Basically a blog is a web page which contains mostly written contents along with images, data and media objects, presented mostly in an informal manner and updated in a regular basis. The word is the short form of the word “Weblog”.

To maintain a blog means “Blogging” and the person who keeps maintaining the blog is called a “Blogger”. Blogs are usually focused by a particular area of interest. Such as foods, sports, politics, lifestyle, fashion, music etc.

The blog tradition basically evolved from journals and the online diaries in the mid 90s. When it was growing, so many tools were being made to avail a blog easily so far which helped the users a lot.“WordPress” is the most used blogging platform of all time.

So let’s get to know how you can start a blog and what things you need to focused on to create a blog.

Knowing the exact purpose:

The purpose is actually on the very initial stage as you only start thinking of creating a blog when you really do have a purpose which you’re sure about. Your area of interest is your purpose through which you would want to reach your target audiences. It’s important to know what you want to serve with your blog such as what information you want to provide, how you are going to connect with the people etc and remember, finding the right niche is very important.

Eventually very soon you will be out of content if you don’t choose the right niche and that’s the most common mistake of all.

Choosing the blog name:

Naming is the most important part while starting a blog because that’s the one thing which will attract your audience the most. Pick a name according to your topic on which you’re going to run the blog in daily basis. You can also have a personal blog which would contain your interests, your personal thoughts and daily activities. The name should be elaborative so that the potential readers immediately understand what the blog is about.

Choosing domain extension:

 Choosing the right domain extension is important because it can have impacts on your SEO performances. Common and recognizable domains help the most in branding. The most common domains are “.com”, “.net”, “org”, “.co”, and “.us”. A .com is the mostly used domain extension at present. Businesses that target local customer should go for the country-specific domain extensions for expected outcome.

While choosing the name with the domain, make sure if there’s another same registered name or not. If yes, you can use the same name with another extension.

Getting the blog online:

This is the technical part and can be a little bit tough if you are not a technical person. You will be needing blogging software and blog hosting. You can use WordPress as it is the most popular and mostly used blogging software also very easy to use, then you need a blog host and BlueHost can be a good one for the beginners.

Customizing the blog:

Log-in into BlueHost with your selected domain name and correct password that you used for the registration to get into the BlueHost portal. And after reaching the portal you need to click “log in to WordPress” to automatically log in to your blog. Change the blog design according to your choice. There are so many blog layouts in WordPress named “Theme” from where you can choose the theme you like and want to go on with. To activate the theme, you just need to hover over the theme clicking the activate button and the design will be entirely changed in just one simple click. If you don’t like those existing themes, you can add more themes installing them clicking on “Appearance” tab which is on the left menu and then just click the “Add new theme” button, and it’s added.

Then when you’re done with the basics, you can create menus to help your users to easily find the important sections by clicking on the link menus, add plugins to add social media buttons, creating contact forms and increasing your blog’s visibility in the search engines. And for that the beginners can use the free plugin that is the “JetPack” which has so many easy going features.

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Start publishing contents:

Once your blog is ready to access, you can start publishing your contents clicking on the “Add new” button. Just give a title and start writing. You can also add images to your posts inserting them from your computer. After that all you need to do is click on the “Publish button to publish your post successfully.

Promoting the blog:

Developing the contents and designing was the starting only. Now to generate audiences to your blog you need to promote it. One of the very common and useful step can be posting the links on social media accounts like Facebook and Tweeter. It generates so many leads to your blog automatically as people prefer to use those platforms more often or almost every time.

Earning money by blogging:

When you are done with making your blog, it’s actually very easy to earn some money from it. You can sell your products and services, selling advertising space also. Because when your blog gets the popularity, advertisers would want you to advertise for their particular businesses for promotional purpose. And you can use Google Adsense for that which can find advertisers for you. All you need to do is placing the Google Adsense code on the blog to run ads.

A blog is a continual process so when you are done with the making, you always need to keep updating and developing contents for your blog, almost in a daily basis as an active blog can generate potential leads to you.

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