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How to improve your sense of style

How to improve your styling sense

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We all have different perception about styling. Many of us mostly try to go with the trend. Trend is something which will lead you to be the one which you are not. According to me, sometimes it’s okay to follow trend but not all of it because everyone should have their own style to carry themselves. You can improve your sense of style when you can be yourself, wearing in dresses and accessories in which you feel comfortable and that fit you well. So what are the major things that can help you to improve your sense of style keeping your own? Let’s have a look.

Notice the others:

You can improve your own style observing the others. How? Because when you observe another people’s styling, you get to know what is suiting them best, in which color, dress and accessory the look good or bad. When you realize something’s looking odd on them, you focus on that particular thing too according to your sense of style and try to improve that.

Don’t imitate:

While noticing the others, try to understand their state of fashion and the odds but never imitate. They must have their own style or just following the trend. You can add up things to your own or try it in a different and new way but don’t go exactly with it otherwise you will lose your own signature style. You can say them saying that if you are a beginner then just imitate. No dear, that’s not going to help. You should all about developing your own style. Take the style you like but make it your own changing it a little.

How to improve your styling sense

Go beyond the comfort zone:

You might have your own limited comfort zone while dressing but you need to go beyond that if you want to develop it in a significant way. Try and experiment new things too know what looks good on you and suits you. By experimenting new things not only you can find out things that make you look good but also what’s not looking good on you. There is a time where everyone goes through a phase that they used to wear terrible clothes and later on realized. All of them experimented a lot to improve their fashion and styling too. You can go to stores and try different type of clothes just to check if it looks good on you or not. Not necessarily you have to buy it. Just try it out.

Focus on your most favorite clothes:

Notice the clothes that you have worn the most and try to understand why you have you wore it mostly and what you really like about it. Because once you get to know the reason, it will help you to know your choice preferences that will help you for the shopping. Also try to research on it a little. For example if your favorite piece of clothe is a crop top, try to search for the latest or different designed crop tops on the internet so you can try the new and latest ones to check how it looks on you.

Focus on your most favorite clothes

Don’t wear the clothes that don’t fit:

It’s important to be concerned about the fitting of any clothe because clothe that is too tight or too loose doesn’t look good on someone at all. See if the clothes you’re wearing fit you well or not. Sometimes we have our favorite pieces which we cannot get rid of. Even if it’s getting too tight we try to fit in it. Don’t do it for the sake of your own fashion statement. It makes you look pathetic. Donate it or try to loosen it if it’s possible

Renew your wardrobe:

You need to give up on the clothes that don’t fit you well anymore and replace it with a new one. Check your wardrobe every year to find out what’s needed to be replaced. Check and try new things while replacing any clothe. You may have to lose your most favorite one during this process but you can buy something which really worth the replacement.

Stick with your signature style:

Your signature style is your identity. It’s also like selecting your uniform for different events. I wear black a lot and I have a lot of black t-shirts which almost looks the same. Also those are of different metal bands as I am into metal. That could be called my signature style and there are lots of metal heads out there with the same style yet that makes them different from the people who are not into it. So your signature style could be something which makes you look different from the majority. It can be a weird combination as well as far as you like it. Just don’t be a wannabe in this process.

Trend is not your friend all the time:

The latest trend is not always the solution of your wardrobe issues or to help you in developing your fashion state. Something trendy can also look bad on you. Don’t force yourself to wear that when something like that happens. Not necessarily every trending clothes or accessories are going to suit you. It may suits on other people but not you. Of course you should try all of it to check if it’s good enough for your or not but leave it doesn’t.

Be concerned about your shoes:

Your shoes tell about you a lot. You might notice people checking your shoes to understand your fashion statement, and we all do that. I prefer wearing sneakers with anything and everything while so many other girls out there prefer wearing high heels and all. The shoe type you choose tells a lot about your fashion statement and the choices of yours. You comfort should always be your first priority while choosing a shoe but also there are different outfits which goes with different types of shoe. Experiment it while you are going for any particular event and discover more while you are in want to develop your style.

Styling is always important at the present time as people really judge you a lot based on the way you carry yourself. We say we don’t style or dress to impress the others but its human nature to care about what other people think about them. So yes we do care about other judgments, some of us do a little. But of course our own choices and style is always our first priority.

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