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Fall/Winter 2021 fashion trends

Fall and winter is always fun when it’s about fashion and Fall/winter 2020 fashion trends are right here for you with so many amazing collections. Designers never fall out of ideas that can satisfy you. So let’s have a look on the fashion trends of fall/winter 2020. Hope you all are ready to try these out.

The seventies style:

The designers have brought back vests, bell bottoms, corduroy, turtlenecks, warm earthy colors and long jackets that would give you the vibe of seventies that is of a great runway trend of fall 2019. It has been inspired from the seventies models who used to wear belted dress, neckerchiefs, earthy color leathers with high and fluffy hairstyle. They also brought back caftans and maxi dresses, culottes, tweed blazers, high waist flared trousers, elongating blazers etc.


Bourgeois is a return to a style that has a good impact in the runway in fall/winter fashion 2019-2020. It comes in blazers, trench coats, skirt-cum-culottes, sharply pleated trousers etc which creates coherent looks.

Nineties style:

Nineties fashion is still popular enough to rule anywhere which is easy and very suitable for winter. Haphazard layering with messy hair makes it more eye soothing which inspired fall fashion trend 2019 a lot. Intimidated Doc Martens, ripped pants, denim, plaid, band Ts etc all have a great impact on the fall/winter fashion trend of 2020.


Capes are classic and also can be of a casual look giving you a stylish and modern look which is very comfortable to carry.

Punk spirit:

Punk spirit is bold and loud that gives you a very rebellious look. It is attractive and gorgeous. Yu can glam your evening up with punk spirit outfits which comes in many designs and form of dresses.

End of gender:

A runway this has came up with gender-bending outfits with so many unisex collections. Their statement is that fashion does not have any gender anymore. Everyone can wear anything they want to wear.

Shearling coats:

Shearling coats are comfortable in winter and got huge acceptance in the winter fashion trend 2019-2020.

Slouchy suits:

Slouchy suits are very comfy and loose which is of the fall fashion trend 2019. It is sustainable and stylish too and you would look very sophisticated wearing it.

Shoulder pads:

Shoulder pads are 1980’s signature look in which the shoulders are the focal point of creativity which can be sharp, square or voluminous.

Matrix re-reloaded:

The fall/winter fashion trends 2020 have gathered many options where the most gothic one can be the black leather trench coats which are very glamorous in look. It got popularity in late 90s or in the early 2000s. And after all these years it has come back with the same spark. No wonder anything which is black, is always elegant and gorgeous.


Neon is inspired 1980s fashion trend. It’s attractive obviously because of the eye-catching color and it comes in stylish forms of dresses.

Patchy patchwork:

Patchy patchworks are comforting because of the designs but a bit difficult to carry. Also it looks old fashioned. But the crafting would give you a punk rock vibe. It is colorful but sometimes messy. If you want to try something unique but a bit weird at the same time, you would go for patchy patchwork clothes.

Pop feathers:

Pop feathers are all about Hollywood and glamour which comes in brighter colors with bright feathers.

Swathed in ruffles:

It is the “just put a bird on it” of fall/winter fashion trends 2020. The ruffles are of gossamer fabrics that settle the models like shimmery, lavishing clouds in spirited rainbow colors.


The preppy clothes give you a sporty look that comes in cargo-pants, teddy, sailing shoes, tweed and moccasins.


See-through comes as shirt and dresses and had great impact in the fashion trends of 2019. It was worn under coat or blazer lately as it’s provocative and now many people wear it without that. Designer Pam Hogg likes revealing clothes with a little bit of wildness which inspired her to design such a creation.

Climate change:

Climate change comes into weird hybrid creations and voluminous quilted jackets.

Saturated indigo denim on denim:

It is all about putting a denim jeans or skirt with a denim blouse or a jacket. It’s a part of the fall fashion trend 2019-2020. Sleeveless denim top with denim jeans or skirt actually looks so cool.

Trench coat with deep yolk back flap:

The deep yolk back in the trench coats is for keeping water away, which is a kind of flap. It goes over shoulders and the back that is a little bit hung in the front.


Houndstooth gives you a retro spirit which is very stylish and bold in look. It helps you to carry a very classy look in the season of winter.

Return of the ribbon:

Ribbons are the style elements that can make you look more stylish depending on the outfit and the size of it. It was a natural edition in the fashion trends. Oversized ribbons look very architectural and medium sized looks romantic. Small sized ribbons look very girly and youthful. It is a part of the fall fashion trends 2019 and people enjoyed it a lot.

Leather suits and dresses:

In the fall/winter fashion trends 2019-2020, designers have used leather to make different forms of dresses with innovative ideas and designs that comes in jumpsuits, crafting dresses and suits. Leather pantsuits and skirt suits both were there in the runway in this season.

Day to nigh jumpsuits:

Jumpsuits are very trendy since few years. In the fall/winter fashion trends, the jumpsuits and playsuits are ruling as the formal wear for the working ladies out there.

Dresses with cut-outs:

Dresses with cut-outs looks very classy and sophisticated and is extremely trendy also popular among the women.

Cinched waists:

Clinched waists are all about the waist that emphasizes natural curves, contrasting to a strong shoulder which does not look so girly.

We have tried to mention all the trendy fashion styles which were inspired in the fall/winter fashion trends 2019-2020 so that you can try all of it to discover what looks better on you. Check all these out and grab your most suitable trendy outfit for fall/winter 2020.

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