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Tips to survive a road trip

When planning a road trip, keep these road trip recommendations in mind so you can arrive at your destination safely and comfortably. You must plan ahead of time for your road trip, and we don't just mean packing. When travelers haven't prepared for the endurance needs of a long journey, "highway hypnosis" is extremely prevalent. According to a survey conducted by mattress company Sleepy's, more than 60% of drivers admit to driving while inebriated.With that in mind, you should take efforts to prepare for lengthy drives before getting behind the wheel, as well as to stay attentive and energized throughout...

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Tips for solo travellers

From the security of your own home, traveling alone can seem scary. What if things don't go as planned? What happens if you become stranded? Is it safe to go out alone late at night? All of these concerns, as well as others (what will I do if my luggage goes missing? What happens if my vehicle becomes trapped in a ditch? Will I be assaulted by bandits?) are common concerns for travelers planning their first solo journey. So, read my top recommendations for surviving solo travel to put your anxieties to rest. It should hopefully provide you with everything...

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Unexpected travel expenses and how to avoid them

Are you ready to travel once the virus has been contained and international borders have reopened? Start planning as soon as possible, especially if you want to minimize unforeseen travel costs. Nothing is more inconvenient and distressing than having to cut your vacation short because you went over budget. So, what should you budget for and how can you avoid overspending? Book it directly  It's incredibly tempting to book flights on third-party websites for a lower price. However, there is a catch, especially during Corona season: while you may save a little on the ticket price, you may end up...