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Hardest issues about parenting

Hardest issues about parenting

Raising kids is the most challenging task you would ever do in your life. You need to be very patience and flexible to be a parent. In the very beginning you can’t even realize that it’s not going to go according to the plans you’re having. Not everything is all good or bad, we face challenges in every steps of our life. After a child born, our choices and needs no longer stay as our first priority because we got someone who completely depends on us, thus all our regular schedule and routine changes in a significant way. Then when the baby starts growing, we need to face many transitions.

To take care of a toddler is much more challenging as you have to continuously deal with their irrelevant demands and nagging. But if you ask which part of parenting is the most challenging one, it’s going to vary a lot based on that particular person. Let’s have a look on some crucial parts of parenting.

Kids won’t obey you all the time:

Kids are not going to obey you all the time. They’re going to be stubborn and will be nagging about random things almost every time. They are going to be clumsy, messy, annoying, lazy, louder and  you have to be the mature one to handle these situations with a calm mind because being rude actually worsens the situation. Yelling or being rude never helps in this case. Either you have to accept it or you need to divert their mind to something else so that they don’t keep shouting about that particular irrelevant thing anymore. You can have a common strategy once you get to know what exactly can work at that moment. Once you get to know it, you can use it each time they bring the chaos.

Hardest issues about parenting

Kids will say they hate you so many times:

Your kids are going to say they hate you for so many times because of not giving them what they want, of course which is disrespectful and disheartening. It can make you angry and give you negative thoughts about yourself whether you’re parenting right or it’s going wrong somehow. There are the times when you doubt yourself but wait and stop there; it’s not what you’re thinking, it’s not your fault at all. Kids are like this. Don’t personalize their behavior and never take that personally. They will do and say things which you’ve never expected. You need to be patient with them and make them understand like a friend otherwise they’re not going to listen to you. Tell them something positive and make them realize what exactly is wrong in their approach and that demand in a very friendly manner.

Dealing with people’s judgments:

Often when your child behave obnoxiously in front of others and they become angry saying something rude about what’s wrong with your child and all, you feel very pathetic as a parent at that very moment because you know you’re trying every possible ways to raise them right. Don’t break at that point because people are going to judge you anyway, it’s their nature. We all judge, sometimes too quickly. Parenting just don’t get affected by those comments and judgments and go on; in the way you’re feeling right. Here is the point when positive self-talk is very important to feel right about you. Know that things are not smooth all the time in parenting. You need to have a lot of patience in it. Never let people bring you down because that’s not how it will work.

Hardest issues about parenting

To let things go:

At the time of pre-adolescence and adolescence, you often feel like letting go. This is the risk taking part when you more often think that your kids need to learn things with difficulties to value each and everything in our life. You often change your plans and break all the rules to fix up their improper behavior. But this is a crucial point when you need to have control on your emotions and think of it sensibly. Sometimes you become very disappointed on yourself, you blame yourself, feel emotionally distant and start taking things too seriously that can make you depressed. You’re not going to have the expected result and consequences all the time. Just don’t go so hard on yourself. Be optimistic about every situation, eventually everything gets better with time and you don’t have to give much effort for that Parenting.

Be the best friend:

During the time of puberty, your child goes through physical and mental changes. They often feel very depressed and lose temper now and then for so many silly issues. They get mood swings more often. This is the crucial part of their life when they need you the most as a best friend. Listen to them and try to understand them. Make them feel good about themselves and motivate them all the time. Support them through their ups and downs also give them space when it’s needed. Encourage them to have a healthy routine of eating and sleeping because being healthy is always the major concern to be happy. Never mention about their past failings. It brings them down all the time and it can have very bad consequences later on.

The very painful fact is that, our children born eventually to get apart from u and we can’t really do anything about it. You can’t always stop them from living life by their choices and the poor choices they often make. They are going to learn from their mistakes but still won’t listen to you when you alert them. You can’t really protect them all the time. The learn things from everywhere and they can have really bad influence at any place that can drive them away from you or from a good life to the one which you never wanted. At this time it’s really hard to control them without being the best friend of them. Once they start sharing all the small and big incidents with you that are going on their life, you get a breath of relief because you know at which time you need to treat them in which way and also you can have their back if anything bad happens to them.

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