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Women got so many options whether its clothing or underclothing or bikini, so this post came up with designer swimwear for women mentioning the nicest designed collection of the year which you can try. Whether it is one piece or bikini, there are thousands of options for the ladies among which we have made a list of the finest ones that you would like to go with. Let’s have a look on it.

Solid and striped:

People start admiring it after it became the iconic Anne-Marie suit that was premiered in 2012 and from then, it’s no more an ordinary one peace. They also got swim gear and plucking inspired by retro fits. They also got beach jeans, sporty swimwear and Montauk printed shirts.

Tropic of C:

Tropic of C has the tagline that is “European elegance with Brazilian ease.” Their products are made of discarded fishing nets and which is 100% recycled fabric including other landfill waste. They use biodegradable bags so all their sources and implementation are eco-friendly and the amazing fact is, their products start at only $100 which is very reasonable.


If it’s about printed swimwear, then Rixo is ruling it without any doubt. They have 80’s graphics and ruffles galore in it and they got animal prints, polka dots also florals. They have amazing collection which you would love to try.

Hunza g:

Hunza G is a London based brand. Julia Robert already introduced us with Hunza G wearing that cutout mini dress of it which is now iconic as she wore it in Pretty Women. This brand is basically famous for their bathing suits and they got superb collection of swimsuits too.

Jade swim:

Even the simplest things are not boring if it’s Jade Swim. It was founded by Brittany Kozerski, who a former fashion editor and turned into a designer. Kendall Jenner and Paloma Elsesser are the fans of this brand. It contains Italian luxurious fabrics. It provides of the best designer swimwear for women with nice collection.

Danielle Guizio:

Danielle Guizio was invented by a designer from New York and it is loved by many famous celebrities such as Jenners and Hadids. It focuses more on the 90’s style and brought up old designs with modern twists.

Bondi Born

Bondi born are of high quality so it’s a bit expensive and not for them who are looking for budget friendly products. But if you are looking for bikinis that are sustainable, then Bondi Born should be your priority. It can last for a very long time.


Onia is a men’s and women’s fashion brand that was co-founded by Nathan Romano and Carl Cunow in 2009. Their swimsuits and bags made them famous among people but last year they collaborated with We Wore What which enhances their popularity. Their western-inspired collection is being sold all over the world successfully and they are doing really great.

You Swim:

You swim fits every figure as it stretches. The fabric can stretch according to the body shape. So the pregnant women can also wear it. It’s very comfy and perfectly fits any type of figure which is the best trait of this brand. Brighten up your summer with You swim bikinis.


Triangl comes in varieties of animal prints and they have a huge collection of bikinis with different colors, and prints. You would love this one if you love to wear animal prtints.


This is a very new brand launched recently and already getting popularity among women because of their eco-friendly swimsuits that are made of econyl fibers. It has smocked bikini bottom and you are going to love it. It is another one that is loved by ladies among the designer swimsuits for women.


Miyos are vintage inspired design which are basically the modern version of the grandma swimsuits. It has crystallized belts and lurex crochet trim and it’s handmade with Japanese yarn which makes it superb in quality.


Jannine Vinci and Isabella Cavalli was the founder of Oséree which is an itaian swimwear brand but the name came from French word “Ose” which meanse to dare. The signature of this brand is two pieces and sparkly maillots.


It is a Brazilian brand which focuses on minimal refined silhouettes. Marcella Franklin is the founder of it who found it back in 2005. These are made of high quality material which has UV50+ protection in it.

Left On Friday:

It is described by “the best friend of swimsuits” which was launched in May,2018. This is designed in Vancouver and is made in California which are perfect for active swimmers. Athletes can also use it for their activities in the water.

Alexandra Miro:

This is sporty designed bikini that was founded back in 2007. This is off shoulder high waist bikini that gives a sporty look and an alluring look. It can be a good option for you from the designer swimwear for women if you like to look athletic.

So these are some of the coolest designer collection of swimsuits that you can try and easily select the best suits for you from it.

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