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80’s fashion for men

80’s fashion is now returning amazingly and getting very popular among people, so this post is basically about the 80’s fashion for men as the vintage fashion trend got many men’s attention in recent years. Vintage is always bold and classy, and 80’s fashion still looks awesome. We have come up with some 80’s collection that might make you interested to try it at least once.

Bomber jacket:

Bomber jackets are something that sumps up men’s 80’s fashion a lot that comes in two types. The popular one is the airforce bomber which has three colors; blue, black and shimmery maroon. There’s another type called the preppier version. You’ve seen it several times back then in movies no wonder. These are very iconic jackets you can go with.

Oversized printed shirts/Hawaiian shirts:

Oversized printed silk shirts which can also be called the Hawaiian shirts were very popular among men in 80’s which has made a return with a whole lot of collection in modern fashion. You can add some colorful silk shirts to brighten up your days from summer and fall.

Baggy jumpers:

Baggy jumpers are the most common fashion from 80’s that is lover by all the men and women. It is oversized and comes in all colors which is very much comfortable to wear, and would give you nice warmth in the season of winter. You can give it a try in this winter and see how it looks on you.

Power suits:

Power suits come with bold pinstripes, wide padded shoulders and suspenders. You can wear it with plain tees or bright colored shirts. It’s formal attire that you can wear at your official meetings, job interviews and presentations.

Pringle jumper:

How could we forget the Pringle and Tacchini diamond jumper? It was widely used and I am sure everyone had at least one diamond jumper back in that time. It’s such a comfy.

Polo shirt:

Yes you’ve read it right. The polo fashion has started in 1980 with some pastel colors. Today the color collection has increased a lot. You can complete your looks wearing it with trousers that are high waisted.


Fluros are very adorable and colorful that can brighten up your day. The attractive neon clothes from fluros can lighten up your wardrobe collection. So what are you waiting for?

Leather jackets:

Leather jackets from 80’s are basically inspired from rock and punk which was actually considered as the all the bad boy’s choice in 80’s.

Destroyed denim:

Destroyed denim comes in iconic cut which feels very relax to wear. It has pinrolled bottoms and tapered leg.

Logo and slogan tees:

This is something which still has the same popularity. People love slogan and logo tees as it can reflect their personality through the clothing. It has been improvised by the time a lot and still it’s one of the very favorite styles of all. This is one of those fashion trends which are all time favorite.

Double denim:

Double denim is wearing denim jeans over a denim top that is awkward to so many of us. It was basically a bona fide fashion trend for men back in 1980. Not many people like it but it isn’t that bad, you must have to try to find it out. No wonder it’s a very tricky trend if it’s done right, it can be a very amazing men’s wear to follow.


Tracksuit is not really an invention of 80’s but some rap artists started wearing Adidas and athletic clothes that became a fashion statement to follow. These are very fashionable and funky, and you can wear it goes well with sports shoes or snickers.

New romantic:

The 80’s was the era of the New Romantic which are the silky suit jackets obviously with rolled up sleeves. It contains a lot of shimmery materials, sport bands that are occasional, Pirate shirt, leather gloves and a lot of hairspray in the hair. You can add pirate tees and sensual look with that. Pop start like Adam Ant has inspired this fashion statement and it is popular among the boys and men since that time.

How could we forget mullet haircut and pierced ears? It was the most popular trends of the 80’s which was followed so many boys and men from that time. You may say many celebrities with the mullet haircut from that time but not many people follow it in this time because no matter how old a piece of cloth is it comes around with the evolving fashion and it is never weird or unacceptable to the people but when it comes to hairstyle and accessories, not everything gets much appreciation from everyone. There are so many popular brands that are now coming up with designs of the old times and the vintage designs are getting people’s attention a lot.

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80’s fashion for men

80’s fashion is now returning amazingly and getting very popular among people, so this post is basically about the 80’s...