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The 80’s fashion for women is very ravishing and funky. There are so many piece of clothing from 80’s fashion trend which has always been the signature fashion statement. It’s not only the 90’s fashion that has been returning but also the 80’s. Let’s have a look on the 80’s most popular fashion trends.

The neon:

Neon outfits are so attractive and eye catching and the 80’s fashion is more of grabbing everyone’s attention as it’s very funky and stylish. Women always used to choose the neon if they wanted to go for something that is fancy. So neon clothes are good choice if you want to look funkier.

Denim jackets:

Denim jackets are very stylish and popular fashion trend that has got huge acceptance and still ruling. It is so loved by all the women and girl’s that you may find one in your closet too. It can be worn at any time of the year and very comfortable to carry.

High waisted jeans:

It got so much popularity and very successful marketing back in the time of 1980. Many of the women desired to have it in their wardrobe collection to enrich their closet. It looks good with loose tops and classic leather belts.

Crazy prints:

Crazy print on the clothes is so 80s that you can recognize in a second. It can be spot very easily if it’s an 80’s fashion clothing. These are colorful and jolly which gives you a very casual look, also very comfy.

Polka dots dress with waist belt:

Polka dots dresses were so popular among the stylish women over that time. They used to wear wide belt on the waist which looks very attractive with the dress. The celebrities from recent time are also into this pattern of dresses.

Shoulder pads:

You can’t just define the 80’s fashion without shoulder pads. Wide shoulder pads dresses were the most favorite fashion trend of the women from 80’s and not only as the formal attire, shoulder padded casual dresses were there too to brighten up their day which has been make a return nowadays and women are enjoying it.

Power suits:

Power suits give you corporate look and can be worn in the job interviews, any business meeting and at the office. It was very popular to the corporate ladies of 80’s. Princess Diana was also into the power suits as she was spotted so many times wearing it.

Members only jacket with bandana:

The Members Only jackets were told to be one of the luxury items of 80’s. You can wear it with skirts or high waisted denim shorts and put on a bandana.

Vintage long skirt:

The 80’s fashion is all about being unique and women from back then really didn’t care about being minimalist. Party wear simply meant to be a denim skirt with colorful top or a simple top with colorful vintage skirt with a funky colorful shoe or boot.

Military fashion:

Fashion and music are so related and Janet Jackson is the one who introduced the military fashion at that time. Women liked and it enough to go with her fashion statement therefore it became very popular getting huge acceptance.


Laces became very popular because of another music icon that is Madonna. She used to use laces in her outfits that grabbed women’s attention and they started wearing it too. It looks stylish and attractive at the same time.

Sequined jumpsuit for parties:

Jumpsuits and bodysuits were very popular for the 80’s parties. You might have noticed that the starts like Beyonce and Rihanna have the 80’s vibe in their dresses. So if you are going for a party with the 80’s theme you can go for it without thinking twice.

Aerobic gears:

Aerobic gears were popular among the active and athletic women from 80’s. And now at this time it’s as popular as that which is known as the Athleisure.

Knee high socks:

Knee high socks are the retro element that’s from the 80’s fashion trend. Many of us may not prefer but it actually looks very stylish which you can realize after trying it with short skirts and any suitable short outfits with which it would go with.


Black leather pants and jackets mostly became the favorite among everyone because of the legend Micheal Jackson. You can simply glam up your evening with a black leather jacket and pant.


Overalls are a great hit from the 80’s which can be worn with bold high neck tees and off shoulder tops that would give you a retro look.

Ruffle top and high waisted top:

The ruffled crop tops can be actually considered as the off shoulders of 80’s. It looks good with any high waister colorful skirt with any type of shoe.

Over sized tees with denim shorts:

Over sized t-shirts with denim shorts were very common fashion trend of 80’s and women were very comfortable in it. It was basically of the punk rock culture back at the time.

So which one are you going with? Try it out and add your most favorite fashion trend from the 80’s to enrich your closet and glam up your evening with the funkiest outfits from that time. And if you ever have to go for an 80’s themes party never forget to check all these out and discover what looks better on you.

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