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Different types of swimsuits

You might be searching for swimsuit tips as you are not sure what to wear but there are different types of swimsuits out there. There are plenty of swimsuits among which you can choose without any confusion. Long gone are the days when people used to go for few bikini patters and often there were used to be no other options only repeating those few options. By the time designers have come up with so many bikini designs and patters with which many women from all over the world are not even familiar with. There are lots of styles for different activities and situations that you can choose for different purposes such as swimming, surfing, for the beach side tanning, pool party, sporting etc. So each and every type can serve all your purpose and you can check out all together in only one place as we have summed it up for you here so you can check and know how many of it you are going to use for which purposes. Let’s check out how many types are there.

Tie front bikini top:

Tie front bikini top is the type of a bikini which you can tie from the front instead of tying it from the back or behind the neck.

Bandeau top:

Bandeau top is strapless top which is straight across. It has off shoulder sleeves that can make you look very cute.

Rash guards:

Rash guards basically used in sports such as surfing, which comes in long and short sleeves. So many people in this time use rash guards rather than any regular swimsuit to protect themselves from the UV ray damage.

Triangle top:

Your breasts are the triangle tops here and it is a comfy one without no hassle or confusion. It has been a very common patterns since so many years and still women wear it a lot.

High neck bikini:

A high neck bikini fits your neck properly and looks very stylish. It is also of no hassle and comfortable to wear.

One shoulder top:

One shoulder top has just one strap on a shoulder which is asymmetrical. This one is a very stylish one which you can wear a beach sides on your holidays.

Underwire bikini top:

An underwire bikini top looks like a bra which gives more support on lifting up your breast. It comes padded and unpadded among which you can choose what you want.

Sport top:

A sport top is good for the swimmers who are active in water and do rough swimming. It’s also used by women in gym or jogging.

Longline bikini top:

This is a stylish one which looks like a crop top and doesn’t look like an ordinary bikini. It has adjustable straps and it gives you a sporty look.

One piece:

A one piece covers your top and bottom in one piece rather than two pieces. It is a very common one which is widely used by the women from all over the world. It mostly comes in silk fabric and it is mostly used as swimsuits.

Full coverage bottoms:

If you like being a bit modest then the full coverage bottoms is for you. It covers your full buttock and no wonder it’s much more comfortable than any other bottom piece.

Thong bikini bottoms:

If you like to show off your buttock then the thong bikinis are for you. So many women out there find thongs uncomfortable but also a big number of women enjoy thongs a lot.


Monokini looks stylish which is a hybrid and it’s a basically one peace. You might see many celebrities and models in stylish monokinis which you can try to.


Wetsuits are basically for the surfers. It comes with a mock turtleneck and boyshorts in one piece together. All the sporty people as the scuba divers, wakeboarders, snorkelers, water skiers choose to wear wetsuits and they wear many different verities of it depends on their activities.

High cut bottoms:

High cut bottoms are basically 80’s and 90’s style cut that make your legs looks very long and it actually looks hot.

Side tie bikini bottoms:

The side tie bikini bottoms has strings at the side that are tied and it looks stylish though it has no purpose at all. But yes, the size can be adjusted by it.

Boyshort bottoms:

Boyshort bottoms are good for sporty activities for example playing beach volleyball. These looks just like shorter shorts that look really cute.

Scoop bikini bottoms:

The design of scoop bikini bottoms is inspired from the 90’s. It is basically of curved hipster style that is high above you legs and lower in the center. The scoop of it can be extreme or subtle.

Hope this post helped to introduce you to many types of bikinis that can be used for different activities and purpose and lessen your confusion on what to choose.

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