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How learning second language is beneficial

The importance of learning foreign language

Foreign language has a great impact in our daily life as it helps us to express ourselves. Language is the part of every culture and is of a great importance no wonder.

But if you want to travel the world or to go to some other country for any purpose, you need to know second language because your native language is not going to serve the purpose anyway.

So multilingualism is of a great importance here yet becoming more and more important in this era. When you know more than one language, it always open many doors for you, you get many opportunities to go with.

At this time, knowing a different language is considered as a vital skill because it’s important in this independent world a lot. There are many reasons why learning a foreign language is important.

And the advantages of knowing foreign language are increasing a lot day by day. Let’s get to know about few reasons how it’s really important and beneficial for us.

Developing career:

Knowing another language opens up so many doors for you for the development of your career. It is one of those top eight skills that every occupation needs. You can advance your career in a very significant way by the help of it and develop your employment prospect.

Many companies are there who need employees to travel abroad for business purpose and you can be the eligible one if you have the capability and thus it open up a lot more doors. Eventually your career keeps advancing more in this way because you are always ahead of the crowd.

The importance of learning second language

A workout for your brain:

Learning or knowing different language give your brain a big boost and studies have been showed that there are lots of cognitive benefits of it no matter what’s your age is.

It helps you to improve your memory, increase the activity of your brain and helps it to function faster by the regular exercise. You become a problem solver and much more creative than before. It also helps you to do a task faster than your previous capability and boost your confidence a lot.

Cross-culture friendships:

Almost everyone of us want friends from another nation and culture as we know it can enrich our knowledge a lot also helps us to know so many new things which doesn’t come to our way often. We get to know new people and it gives us the confident to communicate with them.

We become capable of developing friendship with the other cultured people therefore can explore their lifestyle, choices and traditions. Our ability to adapt things increases in a greater extent and we learn to cope up with people and situations very easily. Meeting and knowing interesting people makes our life more interesting and thrilling.

You become wittier:

Knowing a different language enhances the attention span and sharpens your memory by the exercise your brain gets in a regular basis which helps you to become wittier and smarter.

A bilingual or multilingual student tends to score more than the other students because of their enriched vocabulary. It also helps you to improve your native language as your methodological knowledge of language improves a lot. You remain smarter for a long time of course as the capability is not going away anywhere.

You become superior:

Sounds weird? But that’s a fact you really cannot deny. Among your friend circle or anywhere among a bunch o people of you are the one who knows foreign language, it always makes you superior to others. Their view changes about you a lot and you become the center of attention there.

You must have encountered this type situation already and I bet you can relate to my words. Even if you go somewhere for travelling and able to communicate with them in foreign language, that’s automatically makes you look like a witty one to go with.

Helps you in multitasking:

Not everyone knows how to multitask. Some people find it very disturbing. Many studies have showed that the people, who are multilingual, are great in multitasking than the others because of having sharp memory.

Helps in decision making:

All of these are related to the functionality of your brain. Your brain functions very quickly which helps you to take decisions easily and smartly as your confidence level boost up prominently.

Changes your perception:

When you meet and connect with new people, your perception about life changes a lot. You become more sensible and your point of view changes in a greater extent which keeps making you a better person you were before or always has been, and that is really needed in this globally connected world of today. It all happens because you can deeply connect with the others.

The advantages of learning foreign language

You become a better learner:

You can learn language hacks by knowing another language which helps you to learn more and more foreign languages including developing your own one.

You come to know about the things which needed to be avoided during the learning process thus the learning process gets quicker. As well as the language hacks you become familiar about help you to learn it faster. In this process you become more confident to learn other languages too and that encouragement is needed.

Self discovery:

You get to know yourself a little more when you start exploring new people and culture in your life and go to places where you never been before. In this process you come to know your limits, your fears, your likes and dislikes about anything, your weaknesses and strengths, your patience level, your cope up ability and adaptability etc.

Knowing yourself is very important and foreign language can give you the opportunity. After you know more about yourself you can improve what needs to be improved in you and to eliminate that requires to be eliminated.

Learn new language and explore all the unexplored. Meet new people, culture, know your own limits and boost your confidence. Enjoy all the new things and embrace it. Thus you will evolve and make your life more meaningful and beautiful.

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