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Why Ecosystem maintenance is important

Why Ecosystem maintenance is important

Ecosystem maintenance is the short form of an ecological system which includes organisms like soil, water, sunlight and heat, animal, plant, and microorganisms that rely on each other for a living. There are millions of ecosystems on earth. All of the individuals depend on each other for food and home. They interact in so many ways such as by cooperation, symbiosis, predation, and competition. Each of the individuals has an important role.

Ecosystem maintenance needs to be balanced otherwise it becomes harder for the species to live because of enough amount of food and shelter. €for example the wild animals living in a forest need water and food but if the amount of them increases in a significant number, it gets difficult for the ecosystem to provide food and shelter for the additional animals. Then the other animals have to suffer a lot. So it’s very important to maintain the ecosystem.

A tenable planet:

We all are aware what pollutions can do to us and our living. Pollution can affect us in a way that neither the animal not human beings would able to live if it gets severe. If the devaluation keeps going in that way, no species would be able to survive in the near future. So it’s of high importance to ensure the sustainability of the planet as soon as it’s possible. And to ensure it, we all need to be aware of the things that are going around that’s hampering our own living place and life in a very disturbing way.

The importance to protect biodeversity

Protecting biodiversity:

Each and every individual in this ecosystem maintenance is important and everyone has an important role in nature. All of the organisms are doing their work. The ecosystem maintenance can be protected only if the balance in nature and the process of the food chain can be maintained properly.

Controlling the global warming:

Global warming is the reason of climate change happens because of increasing earth’s temperature which hampers the balance of the weather and changes the ecosystem for a significant amount of time. The temperature of this planet is increasing day by day which can have very dangerous consequences to the humans and nature. Humans are major reason of climate change. We are the destroying the planet by using huge amount of fossil fuels, exploiting forest and cutting trees a lot, farming intensively. If we want to make the balance in the ecosystem, we must have to be very conscious about our regular activities related to the nature and environment if it’s being harmed or not.

Cycling Material and energy:

Ecosystem maintenance which is balanced works via the cycling of material and energy. The main source of it is the sunlight. During the photosynthesis by the plants they make oxygen as the substance of no value that the animals use for breathing. There is also important roles of all the organisms and including all those things, these ecosystem needs sunlight to get energy and maintain the energy cycle.

How important it is to balance the ecosystem

The prey and predator:

The prey and predators have a great role to balance the ecosystem which depends on how they interact with the environment. Here the ecosystem is all about the maintaining a proper balance of the prey and predators. When the predator is being killed, it hampers the total food chain and the prey increases in amount which has bad impact in the food chain process and the whole ecosystem. For example when people hunt the sea otters it becomes the cause of the ecosystem collapse of the forest in the particular island. Because the whole food chain process get affected by it severely. It’s important to take care of it in a whole to protect the ecosystem.

Saving wild lives:

Saving the wild lives is of a great importance for the same reason how it’s all about maintaining the food chain process for biodiversity and the whole ecosystem. The government’s concern is very important here to make it possible. Almost everyday people are hunting illegally and no one really paying a heed to that but it’s high time to speak out about it to protect the environment because we already know how deforestation and all hampering the total system daily in a severe way. All these things are needed to be taken care. The illegal hunting need to be stopped immediately which is possible if right steps is taken by setting strict laws and punishment for preventing it. Otherwise it will get so tough to handle the situation in the long run.

How ecosystem can be protected

So the survival of every organism depends on the ecological balance. Many of the species get to survive because of the suitable ecosystem. An ecosystem that is suitable for animals assure a sustainable life to all the organisms in this environment because they get the adequate amount of food to live on this planet. Balancing of the ecological system thus very important to continue and ensure the existence of each living being out there. We need to make sure that no living being is being overused and exploited. As we have already talked about it before in a point that is deforestation which leads to drought and no wonder it hampers the whole food chain process in a significant way that can lead to starvation and death,

Moreover, healthy ecosystem is important for the long go of the environment and all the species because it increases the stability of the environment a lot. The world needs it’s ecosystem to be saved as soon as possible and the planet is need to be saved soon too to defend it from the destruction it may face if it’s not being protected. Human beings can have positive contribution to the environment rather than just making it worse to live in. They are capable of doing so many things to change it all. Each day we get affected if the system hampers no matter in a significant way or in a small amount because the impact can’t be small. The government should be extra concerned about the land management policies and saving the wild lives also the forests and trees.

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