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Tips for solo travellers

From the security of your own home, traveling alone can seem scary.

What if things don’t go as planned?

What happens if you become stranded?

Is it safe to go out alone late at night?

All of these concerns, as well as others (what will I do if my luggage goes missing? What happens if my vehicle becomes trapped in a ditch? Will I be assaulted by bandits?) are common concerns for travelers planning their first solo journey.

So, read my top recommendations for surviving solo travel to put your anxieties to rest. It should hopefully provide you with everything you need to know before traveling somewhere on your own, as well as lead you to discover a lot about the world – and yourself. Read out these tips for solo travelers to know  thoroughly.

Know all of your strengths

It goes without saying that your pre-solo-travel worries will be determined by what you want to get out of your trip and who you are as a person. Do you enjoy venturing outside of your comfort zone, or does the prospect make you nervous rather than excited? Are you a gregarious person who likes to be in the thick of things? If that’s the case, you might go insane if you can’t communicate, so go to where the language is spoken.

If you’re traveling alone and more of an introvert, don’t worry about the language barrier. People watching is ideal in vibrant cities, especially those with a flourishing café culture

Sleep around

When traveling alone, consider staying in a homestay or looking for room rentals in an apartment. This will provide you with an automatic connection with the locals and it is one of the most important tips for solo travelers.. As a solitary traveler, you’ll have a wide range of possibilities. Even if your landlord doesn’t take you out, you’ll learn a thing or two about the area. 

Hostels are also well suited to solitary travelers (here’s our list of the top hostels in Europe), but keep in mind that you may spend more time with other visitors than with locals.

Try to embrace yourself

Being alone for lengthy periods of time can be intimidating, but just roll with it. Along the process, you could come to appreciate your own company. You can also try to make new pals if you’re feeling social. Offer to snap a family portrait at a popular attraction or to sit near a rowdy gang in a pub. This is definitely one of our best solo travel suggestions.

Learn to say no

It’s a very important tip for a solo traveler. When traveling alone, the attention you receive can be a touch intense, especially in more friendly and foreigner-fascinated societies. Learn how to say “no, thank you” and “absolutely not” in the local language, as well as the local nonverbal “no” gesture, which is often more effective than both.

Save local emergency numbers, such as the tourist police, in your phone as well. You’ll probably never use them, but knowing you have them can give you the confidence to cope with unpleasant circumstances, whether you’re going on a solo journey to South America, backpacking across Australia, or road-tripping through Europe.

Capture photos

Making photography a mission, even if it’s just taking photos of weird tiny elements you notice about a location, gives your day structure. Your family and friends back home will value your viewpoint and the tales behind the photos. It’s also a terrific method to reflect on your solo travel trip and reflect on your accomplishments.

If you want to improve your Instagram game, consider going on an Instagram-focused tour. They can be found in every corner of the world.

Eat traditional foods

While visiting restaurants as a solitary traveller may make you nervous (and you may be tempted to subsist on fast food to avoid embarrassing situations), ignore your fears. Fine dining establishments are ideal for an alone meal.

Look out local sampling experiences if you’re truly into your food and fancy company at the same time. Some provide in-depth information on local delicacies, such as this introduction to cheese and wine tasting in Paris, while others combine culture and cuisine, such as this Bucharest sightseeing and home-cooking trip. When it comes to sampling tours, the globe is your oyster.

Start your day early

Simply reconfigure your day if the notion of bar-hopping alone makes you die a little inside. Get up early, have a leisurely breakfast (when all the excellent stuff on the hotel buffet is still available), then go to parks, museums, and other daytime-only activities. You’ll be ready for bed by 9 p.m. if you cram your day with enough activities.

Find your people

Make friends on Facebook and Twitter while you’re on the road. Give local friends a dinner and you’ll be surprised how many people take you – all like to be a night tour guide. Find your interests in your destination as well. You don’t need to be an ermitt during your trip in solo style.

You can take out tours that are linked to the interests and the specialties of your goals – as it says, ‘when in Rome,’ wherever you are in the world. Speaking of which, for example, in the course of a guided expert tour of the old city by other historic buffs in Rome could take place.

Cherish tech

It’s perfectly acceptable to spend an occasional night in your guesthouse watching TV. Why try to do it for several months overseas if you wouldn’t do it at home? It’d be exhausting.

With free wi-fi available almost everywhere, a smartphone or tablet is an essential. Having technology on hand allows you to double-check everything you need to know before heading to your next destination. It means, among other things, that you can book your lodging ahead of time and be sure of a safe pick-up at your location. You may also connect with home, read the news, and listen to podcasts if you’re lonely – ideal for passing the time on lengthy travels and a surefire way to arrive at your destination in intriguing company.

Be concerned about safety

Solo travel can be both safe and rewarding, but you should take the same precautions as you would if you were traveling in a pair or group. Keep an eye on your belongings and be cautious in huge cities at night. Keep an eye on your drinks, be aware of any local scams, and keep a tight eye on your valuables.

While solo travel is arduous, the most difficult aspect of it is taking the first step. After that, all you’ll need is a little knowledge, a desire to explore, and some tried-and-true solo travel guidelines. You’re in for a fantastic adventure.

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