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Food processing and preservation

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We are familiar of food processing and preservation as we eat processed food also preserves it for the future use. Food processing is basically transforming the agricultural products into food, as well as changing the form of a food to the other, making it attractive marketable products with good packaging, cleaning, grading and sorting. And food preservation is applying techniques to preserve food for future including freezing, canning, pickling, drying, irradiation, smoking, pasteurization and adding chemicals etc. We can’t preserve food for a long time without food preservation techniques which can cause food shortage in future. So preserving food is very important.

Chemical synthesized preservatives have become the significant additives in the food industries now with the development of technology. That is the reason why many food industries are applying it to preserve food and enhancing the usage of it. But many studies have shown that the process damage the original flavor of the food and make it harmful for our health. So they became aware of it for the safety. The consumption of dairy products has been increases a lot and the issues in dairy safety incidents make people aware of it so we constantly looking for healthy preservatives that can be the alternative of harmful chemical preservatives.

Thus they found some alternatives as the propolis and rosemary. So what are the Importance of food processing and preservation:? Let’s get to know about some facts:

Importance of food processing and preservation:

Processing food makes it more edible. Crops like corn and wheat are not edible when they are in the natural state. Food processing technique such as grinding and milling helps to transform it into flour and then it can be used to make break, pasta, cereals and other grain based products that are edible. Food processing also ensures and increases safety of the food as it removes the microorganism. Air tight packaging, pasteurization and using preservatives are the main methods. The nutritional quality of food gets affected in the food processing process. Either it can increase it adding many components which were not there or to lower down the fat, sugar or salt. It can also be the reason of losing fiber, vitamin and minerals if it is excessively heated, refined or frozen.

Importance of food processing and preservation

Well, food processing removes the harmful substances and inedible portions and save it for a long time. By food processing, we can enjoy the food at anywhere and in any season we want. Exporting it also brings valuable foreign exchange and opportunity comes for the import substitution. It is a great source of employment too as it benefits many people like the farmers, vendors and the packaging suppliers. It also decreases the price of food like, vegetables that are frozen have the same nutrition value as the fresh ones but it can be bought at lower price as it was preserved without the inedible parts. Thus it extends the shelf life of food and reduces the amount of waste.

Importance of preserving foods:

Verities of food can be enjoyed in any season we want by food preservation and the supplement can be increased also the waste of food can be reduced in the process as the excess food can be preserved so there’s no wastage of food at all. If food preservation is done in the right way, the nutrition value can be kept and no harm can occur. It increases the shelf life of food by saving it for a long period of time. It also decreases the dietary inadequacies by import and export by overcome the shortcomings where it’s needed. It adds variety to the diet.

Importance of food processing and preservation

We all are aware of the some harmful aspect of processed foods that are not good for our diet that’s because of the way of food processing but it can be solved if those particular food process is changed and altered by something that has no harmful impact on our health. Rather than few of those facts, food processing and preservation is essential for us nowadays and we have been so dependent to it but of course it needs to be balanced because excessive anything can have harmful effects. We should be concerned enough about the whole process to solve any issue regarding it as our health is of a supreme importance to us no matter what.

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