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Why motherhood is not for everyone

Why motherhood matters

Why motherhood matters we often hear people saying that motherhood is not for everyone. There’s nothing wrong or rude about it is completely okay in that way. I hear stories of many mothers who were not ready with their newborn baby yet started their journey with lots of love in their heart for the child. Then think about the consequences they face during their motherhood.

That is actually a different fact of the fact, another fact is, it’s a general statement that women born to be a mother but why? Why it has to be in this way? There are so many women who don’t want to be a mother and is that anything wrong with it? If we keep deciding for our life depends on the societal norms, we can ne never be happy. Not having offspring is one of those facts.

A woman may choose to have a life where they don’t want any responsibilities but only working, travelling and enjoying her whole life. No one remain the same after motherhood so ultimately the person has to say goodbye to her old self. As it is a very big responsibility in one’s life, a woman has to sacrifice a lot. They have to compromise with so many things in their life for the sake of the child which is not easy at all.

why motherhood matters? In every step of your life, you have to be conscious about every single thing because of the child and you won’t be able to escape the situation until your children get adult, and start doing a thing on their own. In the very first stage, the baby remains completely dependent on you where there is no place any mistake as any wrong decision and choice about them can cause great harm to your child so you need to be a very responsible person no wonder. So if you are not a responsible person, how would you be able to put up with all those situations when it’s needed? Here is where you need to ask yourself many questions as the decision you will take will surely have to face the consequences based upon that.

You need to figure out how much it’s important for you to stay out of the home for your work and other stuffs like hanging out and travelling. If it’s not going into the favor of making family which might also go against the will of the people from your surroundings, those should not make any differences because we all have our very own choices and we all are different from each other. So the societal norms cannot be the obstacle to make decisions for you. Women are often pushed to do all the things that the society thinks they are supposed to do and there are so many South Asian countries where girls are often bound to do what their parents want for them. Then a forceful marriage later on faces the consequences.

Motherhood is the biggest responsibility

A woman has the right to choose what she wants in her life. If that requires marrying and making family that’s great, or if it requires only being married but not of the offspring that’s also okay. If anyone forces herself to have a life which she doesn’t want, it mostly leads her to a distressing unhappy life where she has to suffer rest of the life just adjusting for all those things which she never wanted. And then comes the biggest challenge of parenting where an unprepared woman already has the breakdowns for so many times just because she was not ready for it. Even when she get the baby and start raising it up, she faces so many parenting issues People thing it mostly works out so they always tend to generalize women and motherhood.

It doesn’t work like that always. As we know we all are different from each other, if something is working out for someone doesn’t mean it will work out with the other person as well. You can’t force a travel freak to sacrifice her dream and have the offspring, you can’t force a career oriented person who is always thinking about her career and the life outside home to be a responsible mother. Motherhood is a very big responsibility and a challenge itself so only the woman who is completely ready and devoted to it should go for it.

Motherhood is the biggest responsibility

The society and people need to understand and realize many things before a mass amount of women fall out having a miserable life just to think about how societal norms allow them to lead their life. As it is impossible to change the thoughts of our society and people, we need to understand our own choices and what genuinely makes us happy, and make decisions according to that. The bottom line of my writing is that there’s nothing wrong to be a woman but not a mother. No one bounds to be a why motherhood matters.

So the woman out there with different perceptions, why motherhood matters and way of living should also be supported by everyone. Life offers us loads of things and we go with the choice which excites us and in which we are interested. Thus everyone should have the right to decide about their life no matter what fact it is such as getting married or having offspring. All we need is to understand that all of we are different from each other in so many ways which needs to be accepted by everyone to lead a happy and peaceful life.

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Why motherhood is not for everyone
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Why motherhood matters

Why motherhood matters we often hear people saying that motherhood is not for everyone. There’s nothing wrong or rude about...
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