What is mental health

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What is mental health

Mental health is our psychological state including our emotions. Our thoughts and feelings are also driven by our mental health and we act according to that, also deal with the stresses and make decisions. Our body and mind has a strong connection and it’s important to take care of the mental health to live a healthy life. It is important in every single step of our life. Our behavior and thinking get strongly affected if we have metal health problems. Mental health can be checked on daily basis and one should not hesitate to check if there’s any doubt as...

Why motherhood is not for everyone

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Why motherhood matters

Why motherhood matters we often hear people saying that motherhood is not for everyone. There’s nothing wrong or rude about it is completely okay in that way. I hear stories of many mothers who were not ready with their newborn baby yet started their journey with lots of love in their heart for the child. Then think about the consequences they face during their motherhood. That is actually a different fact of the fact, another fact is, it’s a general statement that women born to be a mother but why? Why it has to be in this way? There are...

Why processed food are unhealthy
  • November 26, 2019
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Why processed food is unhealthy

We eat processed food is every day and yes we all know it’s hard to say no to processed food. So why processed food? Highly processed foods are those which are made by industrialized materials. Any type of packaged cookies, sodas, noodles, sausages and nuggets are processed food and we have it in our regular life. Researchers have made it clear that processed food make you gain more calories which are not good for your body. They also found that the people who are dependent to processed food have more risk to get affected by heart diseases. But they also...

language methodology

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Why language methodology are important

Language teaching methods are necessary to learn and teach any language methodology. These are basic materials and proper techniques that are used by instructors to facilitate foreign-language (FL) learning. Communicating in a foreign language has been significant to a great extent, for example, communicating with foreign trade partners, for promoting religion, for academic purpose and so on. English is the world’s most widely studied foreign language currently. According to Ashe and James (1982), Methods are the combination of techniques that are used and plasticized by the teachers in the classrooms in order to teach their students and approaches are the philosophies...

How to build healthy habits

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How to build a healthy life

Healthy life habits give you healthy habits. We may have a lot of bad habits and it’s our responsibility to get over that to have a good and healthy life because it helps us to feel better. It’s not easy to leave bad habits but we should find good alternatives to help ourselves living a healthy and happy life. We do a lot of things every day which affects our health in many ways. To leave bad habits and adopting good ones is not easy at all. To build good habits we need to sacrifice a lot. We need a...

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